Mississippi Children’s Home Services

Mississippi Children’s Home Services is one of our 2015 award winners for their wonderful work in educating special needs children. They are leaders in the community and the state offering a wide array of programs with a long history of dedication to helping children in need.

You can learn more about them and their various programs here http://www.mchscares.org


While Mississippi Children’s Home Services was founded for adoption purposes in 1912, we are more determined than ever to see every child thrive. Last year, Mississippi Children’s Home Services served over 18,000 Mississippians by providing the most comprehensive array of children’s behavioral health, social, and educational services statewide.

Our unwavering dedication to the mission of Mississippi Children’s Home Services to help children and families overcome extraordinary challenges is due to our uncompromising commitment to our core values:

  • The voice of our children and families always come first
  • Relationships matter
  • We take great joy in service to others
  • Our families and our communities deserve our very best


Mississippi Children’s Home Services provides a continuum of behavioral health, educational and social services for children and families.

Autism Services

  • Early Intervention Autism Clinic (Madison)
  • School Based Consultation
  • School Day Programs (Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Jackson)
  • Outpatient Clinic (Jackson)

Crisis Services

  • Child Advocacy Center (Gulfport)
  • South Mississippi Children’s Shelter (Hattiesburg)
  • Warren County Children’s Shelter (Vicksburg)

Educational Services

  • School Day Programs (Gulfport, Hattiesburg and Jackson)

Family Permanency Services

  • Adoption and Maternity Services
  • Comprehensive Family Support Services (CFSSP)
  • Therapeutic Foster Care

Intensive In-Home Services

  • Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock (MYPAC)

Outpatient Services

  • Day Treatment Services
  • Individual and Family Services
  • Psychiatric Services

Residential Services

  • CARES Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility
  • Transitional Living and Learning Center (TLC)

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