“Darden North writes vividly, with strong pace, action and emotion, counterbalanced with sharp observations and wry humor.”—Peter James, bestselling author of Not Dead Yet

“A rollercoaster ride of murder, intrigue, and plot twists. Wiggle Room keeps you turning the pages to the final, climactic finish!”—Robert Dugoni, New York Times bestselling author of The Conviction

Serving as an Air Force surgeon at the height of the Iraq War, Major Brad Cummins fails to save an injured soldier yet must mend the Iraqi national maimed in the same IED blast. He survives the medical tribunal’s inquest over the GI’s unexplained death but endures rigid criticism from his peers. Still blaming himself for losing the soldier after successful surgery, Brad is haunted by the Iraqi’s words: Maybe you should rethink what you really are.

Returning from deployment, Brad resumes surgical practice with his twin brother in Mississippi and soon discovers him shot to death in a suspected robbery. When he finds their name tags mistakenly switched, Brad cannot forget the anonymous text I will give you a little wiggle room and is certain that he was the intended target. Along with Brad’s fiancée, the police discount his fears as paranoia.

No one suspects the true motive: The rescued Iraqi wants Brad to die for saving his life, thus cheating him of martyrdom and honor in Allah’s eyes. However, there are others who seek death for Dr. Brad Cummins but for different reasons. Brad will never be safe until Dr. Diana Bratton, his new partner in the surgery clinic and growing love interest, pushes to uncover the truth.

About the Author
Darden North is an award-winning author of three thrillers: House Call, Points of Origin, and Fresh Frozen. The screenplay adaptation of Fresh Frozen is in film development. His research for Wiggle Room included interviews with a forensic pathologist, a police criminal investigator, and several physicians in the military. North has been in active medical practice for more than two decades as a board-certified obstetrician/gynecologist. He lives with his wife Sally in Jackson, Mississippi.



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