Larry Baron, often called “The Indiana Jones of El Paso” spent his career studying vanishing cultures around the world. His passion for indigenous tribes, and the artifacts that symbolized their lives, cultures, history and mythology, inspired him to make many perilous journeys to their remote locations.

The Yanamomo Indians of Brazil, also known as “The Fierce People”, were considered to be the last warrior class tribe in the world, and the most dangerous to encounter. Known for their deadly skill and volatile nature few westerners had visited them and lived to tell about it.

Join Mr. Baron as he retells the story of his trip into the Amazonas on a quest to meet an undisturbed tribe that nearly cost him his life. Facing the numerous perils of the jungle, harsh elements and the “Last Warriors” he gets the rare opportunity to see a culture virtually unchanged for hundreds of years. After a grueling journey, filled with awe at his discovery, he accidentially offends a shaman, a mistake that could be his last.

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