It’s been years since Jim Ritchie regaled us with those tales from his boyhood, college days and adult life, beautifully illustrated by his wife Perry in their first Shocco Tales book. Now, in Shavin’s Under a Southern Shade Tree, Jim returns with 26 new yarns that will delight old fans and introduce new ones in the style you’d expect from a Southern grandfather and master storyteller.

You’ll start with a fragrant and hilarious side of country life in Phew! Is A Four Letter Word. You’re smack in the middle of barbershop pseudo-wisdom as old buzzards swap insults in Slick Heads and Old Men. You’ll grin at Jim’s comedic paranoia in Stormy Weather, and laugh out loud at the antics of the tuxedoed, unhappy usher in Frank, Football and the Wedding. Even esteemed lawmakers get their share of attention in When Dry Creek Ain’t Dry, a school principal is the subject of a creative practical joke in Vain Vengeances, and the tender tribute to Jim’s daughter will most likely strike a chord with fathers in M’Darlin’. Featuring Perry Ritchie’s captivating artwork that adds even more life to the stories, you’ll agree without a doubt that the new Shocco Tales: Shavin’s Under a Southern Shade Tree was worth the wait.

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