Dreamers believe in true love that never ends. Then there are those who believe nothing last forever. When two people, with different beliefs, fall deeply in love a beautiful story begins.
Set between the glamorous lights of Hollywood, California and the rustic charm of Natchez, Mississippi, Shades of Persuasion begins exactly where The Letter ended. Steven Cross and Tiffany Crenshaw reignite the flame they shared as teenagers. However, as adults with very demanding careers, they face new challenges. Tiffany, a celebrated movie star, relies on living in Los Angeles and being free to travel. Steven, a renowned author, does his best work when he’s in Natchez.

The miles and the foolish secrets they keep from one another begin to weaken their bonds of trust. And with their families’ interference, Hollywood’s pressure, and the tabloids meddling in the most sacred details of their lives, their passionate love affair dances with the harshness of reality. Leaving them to question, can true love survive the rigid tests and trials of life’s shades of persuasion?

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