“RUN AWAY: One Woman’s Story of Resilience”
is A Memoir. The tale of her inspirational underdog story is dedicated to the 50 million American women and billions women all over the world who face similar hardships every day.

Editorial Reviews


Run Away is out of print.I read your book in 2 days! What an inspiration you are!This book must be a Movie soon!
Sherri Hilton   Jackson, MS”I could not put it down!” I hope some producer reads this and decides to make it into a movie and leaves God’s unmistakable deliverance of you in it. Sue Yabro

Just wanted you to know-that although your life has been harder than mine, you have suffered some of the same things. Remember always that God loves you just the way you are-you are beautiful inside and out. Prayers, love, and hug, Linda Shelton from Canada

“Awesome read!” I couldn’t put it down! Posted on USTA Mississippi by Lesley Mosby from Jackson,MS

From the Author

“I knew that if I sat around doing nothing, that no one would give me a bucket of happiness. I had to get up each day and move forward. I had to make things happen in my life.” Jeanhee Kang-Author of RUN AWAY

From the Inside Flap

“My thoughts ran rampant. What if I really did run away?  What if I went away from Korea forever? No one here would miss me, they would be glad to have one less bad girl to pollute their perfect world. I would leave and go to a place where no one would question my past.
What if I went to America? I would find a way to get there, and I would finish high school in English in America. I would put the words together like a puzzle to make sentences, and sentences into paragraphs, and paragraphs into a new life.”

From the Back Cover

Run Away is out of print as of Oct. 2014

About the Author

Jeanhee Kang is a motivational speaker,an advocate for troubled teenagers, victims of  human trafficking, and domestic violence.
Jeanhee offers “Run Away” books to domestic violence groups across America for *free.


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