Drama, action, and mystery run rampant in this autographed 2nd Book in the Realm of Deceit Series by DJ Hussey



“…you don’t think someone has a dog or something in one of those boxes? We better get the supervisor. Wait a minute! There’s a pattern to the tapping. Tap, tap, tap…pause…more like three thuds and then a pause and three taps. Tap, tap, tap, thud, thud, thud, tap, tap tap…that’s…that’s an SOS! Surely not…wait, there it is again. Yes, it’s got to be…”

Both men almost jumped out of their skin when along with the tap this time there was a shrill scream then total silence.

REALM OF DECEIT – The Enemy Within is full of action, drama, and mystery in a globe-trotting tale featuring Joe Scott and Mitch Logan. Heady with their success at finally disclosing the truth behind President Amjad Safwah, Joe and Mitch settle into married life secure in the knowledge that they have done a good deed for their country. Little do they know there are hidden forces remaining in the United States that are determined to carry on with Amjad’s plans. Soon, not only Joe and Mitch but also their new wives, Judy and Eve, become targets of the Husam al Din, hell bent on taking out the two reporters who have tried to stop their plan of destroying America.

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