Our good friends at Tetra-Scroll.com have created a magnificent historical study tool. The Tetra Scroll merges timelines of biblical and historical events into a cohesive and meaningful outline. You will be amazed at the intersections.

Here is a summary of what you will find.


The Tetra Scroll


The Tetra Scroll presents the entire Bible in a non-denominational, visual timeline, and places it in the context of highly recognized historical figures and secular events. Seeing God’s Word unfold in one place helps us grasp it like never before.

The name Tetra Scroll was chosen to honor the Grand Creator whose name in Hebrew is represented by the four letters YHWH, rendered Yahweh when the vowels are added. These four Hebrew letters, when combined together, is known as the Tetragrammaton and is featured at the top of the scroll.

The Tetra Scroll is thick, aged, stained, and torn, and has the charm and appeal of an ancient treasure map. Its rich texture invites touch and interaction. The scroll measures twenty-eight inches wide—including its wooden rods—by seventy-five inches long, and comes wrapped with a rope and decorative tassel. It also arrives in an aged carrying case.

The Tetra Scroll is divided into three major sections: Before Time, Creative Days, and Events from Genesis to Revelation. Approximate dates and scriptural reference are noted for each line of text. The Tetra Scroll is beautifully illustrated with artwork and images from the preceding two millenniums


Individual Life Lines                                           Thousand-year Benchmarks

World Powers                                                        Bible Writers

Judges                                                                     Prophets

Kings of Israel and Judah                                    Rival Nations

Important People and Secular Events               The Top Ten Religions of the World

Future Events from Revelation


Perfect for home, school, and church settings.

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Gregorian and Hebrew Dates Internal Calculations Pale Horse Red Horse Scriptures - Years - World Powers Tower of Babel White Horse Assyria Babylon Birth and Death Lines Book of Life Dark Horse Events up till Modern Times

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