In the spring of 1980, Christa Fonteneau has reached a breaking point. A stay-at-home mother transplanted from Nashville to Houston by the promotion of her husband, Damon, she is entirely dependent on him for interaction with the world outside her home. Their two daughters are now school age, and Christa is left at home alone with her anxieties, created by their troubled marriage.

Damon is out all hours of the night, and when he’s home, he is violent. Christa decides it is time to make a change. She sees a way out through renewing her teaching certificate and finding a job. Meanwhile, she struggles to keep the abusive behavior of her husband a secret, maintaining the façade of a happy family for years. Although she longs to escape from Damon, that desire is held in check by her deep insecurity. Can she find the strength to leave behind the life she knows for a world that she also fears?

This suspenseful novel details the experiences of one woman who, after years of hiding her guilt and shame behind closed doors, fights to find her way out and back to herself.

“I highly recommend Beyond Silent Cadence, an emotional narrative that reveals one person’s venture through trauma and joy. This unfolding story exposes relationship patterns of vulnerability that are universal. Leisley Lantram will clearly make a difference with this intriguing, suspenseful tale!”
—Judith Martin, M.Ed, Education Specialist, Clinton, MS”

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