Gemma Wade has always followed the letter of the law, so when her boss accuses her of embezzlement, she’s floored. Then the boss turns up dead, and Gemma is accused of murdering her. She goes on the run to clear her name and is forced to turn to the one man she knows she can trust — the same man whose heart she broke seven long years ago at her family’s insistence.

Ryder Magee is a loose cannon who lost his job as a cop in Biloxi. He now works for his twin brother as a bounty hunter and private investigator, and his latest task is to pick up his ex-girlfriend on a fugitive warrant. She swears she’s being framed, but he doesn’t believe her until a group of men tries to murder her, forcing the two of them to flee.

Gemma and Ryder must band together in order to save themselves, and somehow, despite the cloud of danger hanging over them, find their way back to each other in a heartfelt reunion.


Gemma Ann Wade.

Ryder Magee read the name on the fugitive warrant for what had to be the tenth time, and then read it again. Couldn’t be too many women named Gemma anywhere in the country, and certainly not in tiny Magnolia Ridge, Mississippi. Had to be his Gemma. Or rather, the woman who had been his for that one long, hot, delicious summer after he’d graduated from college.

Now she was a fugitive from justice, and the law enforcement community expected him to find her and bring her in even though he no longer wore a uniform.

“Gemma, what in heaven’s name have you done?” He rubbed a hand across his brow.

The office door banged open, and his twin brother Riley strode in wearing his trademark Stetson. He took off the hat and tossed it onto the rack on the wall. “Howdy, Ryder. Heard we had a fresh one. A woman you know, named Gemma Wade. Want me to pick her up?”

“No, I’m about to head out now.” Ryder’s heart thumped as he rose and pulled out his keys, thoughts of his former girlfriend on the run driving him forward. Darkness had already fallen, and that should help him reach her place without her seeing him — provided she was even there. “See you later.”

“You won’t have any trouble taking her into custody?”

“Of course not.” He scowled. “I know how to do my job.”

“Yeah, but you have a history with Gemma.” Riley tossed his phone onto his desk and sank into the leather chair behind it. “Might be hard for you to keep your distance.”

“Trust me, brother. I can handle it.”

“All right.” Riley sighed. “Just don’t let her turn your head. She’s wanted for murder.”

“The Gemma I knew couldn’t kill anybody.”

“People change.” His brother narrowed his eyes. “With your track record, you should know that better than anyone.”

“Damn it. Lay off, okay?” Anger flared in Ryder’s gut. “I’ll bring her in before midnight.”

“See that you do.”


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