A Story about greed

B. L. Buddy Fish grew up in Pensacola, FL and attended the University of Florida where he received his Masters and Bachelors degrees in Early Childhood Education. During this time, he worked as an assistant child care giver and facilitator in a cooperative nursery school. He then moved to Boulder, CO where he attended the Naropa Institute to become a Master Drummer specializing in Middle Eastern drumming. He worked as a kindergarten teacher and then became a child care director for several years. Upon reaching “burn out”, he became a recording and touring musician first in Boulder, CO at Northstar Studios and then in Los Angeles, CA at the Music Lab Studios. While in Los Angeles, Buddy continued to work as an early childhood educator, music facilitator, and storyteller. It was in LA that he developed his Dr. Rhythm persona. He began working as an industry/school liaison as he and his wife raised their four children. After nearly losing his wits in the world of business/politics, he re-entered the field of early childhood as an educator and began the pursuit of his doctorate in early childhood education. He received his doctorate in 2002. Dr. Fish taught young children for over 23 years. He serves now as an Associate Professor in the Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education at JSU working with graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Fish specializes in emotional intelligence. He is certified as an Emotional Intelligence Trainer by the Six Seconds Organization. He served on the NAEYC’s Early Childhood Professional Education Review Panel. He continues to perfect his storytelling skills as Dr. Rhythm for libraries and schools throughout the country. He served as Chairman of the Child Care Advisory Board for MS (2006-2010) and plays blues and jazz whenever possible. His children are now in college out of state, and Dr. Fish lives in Ridgeland, MS with his wife, Andrea, and their beloved dog, Patience. He has written several articles which can be found on his website (www.dr-rhythm.com). Original discography of children’s songs and stories: 1. You’re Amazing! 2. Multicultural Songs and Stories Children’s Books: 1. The Itsy Bitsy Spider Blues 2. Dr. Rhythm’s Band 3. The Gunniwolf 4. The Owl and the Pussycat 5. Fly Away 6. A Fish Tale 7. You’re Amazing! 8. The Tiny Apple Seed and her Blessings


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