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A Murder of Crows (Sean O’Brien (series) Book 8)

When Joe Billie stops a grave robber from unearthing a Seminole Indian burial site, Joe becomes the prime suspect in a bizarre murder. For Sean O’Brien, the first challenge is getting Joe to talk about the circumstances surrounding the killing. As Joe faces first-degree murder charges, O’Brien thinks he knows why his old friend is evasive. But proving it will send O’Brien deep into Seminole history to uncover a greedy killer hell-bent on creating a modern day Trail of Tears.

Double-Sided Magic (Legacy Series Book 1)

I am Levy Michaels. Once my kind were the hunters—now we are the hunted.

Supernaturals are out of the closet but I have to stay hidden because of the type of magic I possess. I’m a Legacy. It sounds like the title should come with reverence, a trust fund, or at the very least a cool backstory—instead it comes with a death sentence.

Southern Comfort — An Anthology of Love Set in America’s South — EPUB

Southern Comfort isn’t always found in a bottle. Southern Comfort can be the discovery of where your heart truly resides, and surprise you feel in the learning.

Contingency Plan by Sandra Sookoo

Like real estate, love is all about location, especially when Marcus finds himself alone in a closet with smart-mouthed Cadence.

The Pernicious Pachyderm: A Duncan Dewar Mystery of Murder and Suspense

When a boutique circus arrives in Taye, tourism is on the rise, but so is murder. Preparing for his upcoming nuptials and refurbishing his cottage aren’t enough to keep Duncan occupied. A gruesome crime intrudes on the idyllic village, and as the detective becomes embroiled in the murky case, a specter from the past returns, threatening his happy ending

New Releases

Two Dead and Counting…: The Underdog Detective Series

Frederick Hernandez thought he had opened his eyes, but it was still pitch black. He tried to lift his arm, but he couldn t raise a single limb. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. Gradually, he realized he was moving. Here s your dead guy, a man announced as the moving sensation ceased. Stick him in the vault, another man said. I ve got two autopsies to finish before I can start that one. Terror ricocheted through Frederick s body like a high-voltage electrical shock, causing his heart to jolt and then to flatline.

Our Game

When four-year-old Stan of Our Game by Alice Rhea Mitchell explores a storeroom of sports equipment, he hears his dad calling him until he gathers his gear and his dad’s first glove to focus on baseball, ready to play. Our Game, a 220-word poem of rhyming couplets for ages 3-7, celebrates the intergenerational bond that baseball provides. Little boys, their fathers, and their fans will delight in this simple saga of time together for a father and his son. Delightful, detailed paintings by artist Sheryl K. Perry depict the text.

Lucky Thirteen (The Raiford Chronicles Book 1)

Twelve women are dead, and a thirteenth is missing. Detective Ray Reynolds races time to catch a killer. Nothing ties the victims together, except the way in which they died. What Ray discovers blows him away as the battle takes on a supernatural element. There’s just one small catch — evidence points to Ray as the murderer.

Heartless: The Raiford Chronicles #2 (Volume 2)

From the author of the critically acclaimed Pirates’ Alley Faulkner Wisdom semi-finalist, Lucky Thirteen, comes the second book in The Raiford Chronicles. Police Chief Ray Reynolds did not think there could be a more brutal, heartless killer than Latrice Descartes whom he had encountered fourteen years earlier.

Broken (The Raiford Chronicles) (Volume 3)

Police Chief Raiford Reynolds learns that true evil never dies until the end of time as he encounters a brutal, maniacal killer bent on revenge. A number of police officers and FBI agents are assassinated by a skilled sniper who leaves no evidence. The first dead law enforcement officer is Ray’s own sister-in-law, and all the others were somehow instrumental in the capture and death of Latrice Descartes twenty years before any one of them was killed. Once again, Ray finds his personal life and his professional life cannot be separated as his family become targets of a mad man.

Whatever It Takes (The Raiford Chronicles) (Volume 4)

Detective Raiford Reynolds has always done whatever it takes to crack a case, but when the case involves hurting his family, and he is not the one even investigating, he changes his tune quickly. Suddenly, whatever it takes includes putting the life and well-being of his family and friends in danger, especially his headstrong youngest child, Cherie.

King Satin’s Realm: The Legend of Draconis: The Legend Unfolds (Volume 1)

Alone, confused, desperate, Aidan O’Rourke never dreams that talking to old Diggory Danaher will take him on an adventure of a lifetime. After months of stories about a mythical island and his father, Aidan decides to find out for himself if his father is alive and living as a panther on the enchanted island.Stowaway wives, a lost father, bewitched human beings, a wicked witch, pirates, and friendly dragons combine to draw Aidan into a web of intrigue of good versus evil as he becomes the champion of a land that only exceptional humans can reach. Aidan proves how exceptional he truly is through the power of faith and unconditional love.

Wilted Magnolias (An April Chastain Ingrigue) (Volume 1)

Not having seen each other in sixteen years, sparks fly immediately when April Chastain misrepresents herself and returns to her hometown of Magnolia Blossom, Mississippi, to work for Russell Dalton, a man she has adored since childhood. They find themselves caught up in a web of romance, mystery, and danger. Left for dead at the age of six, April was miraculously spared by a man-size teddy bear, a gift from Russell.

Redemption Ridge (Volume 1)

Redemption Ridge is an historical family saga set in post Civil War Mississippi. It follows the trials of the the Claymore family. Once prominent southern aristocracy, they have fallen on hard times. Main characters, Brucie Claymore and Lamont Randall, are siblings sired by the late Bruce Claymore, a supposed traitor to the South. Before his death, he had a tryst with both his brother’s wife and a slave. Brucie resulted from the interlude with Daddy Claymore’s wife while Lamont came from the coupling with Vernell.

Streams of Mercy

Streams of Mercy A Seasoned Southern Broad’s Musings & Meditations on God, Dogs and Pooperscooping— in other words: Life A memoir of a sort.

Saleta’s Secrets

“Are you afraid?” the noted author and writing instructor, Seleta Pelham-Parker asks Mary Clyde Webster, a naive southern lady whose past makes her easy prey for a femme fatal. It’s a shame Mary Clyde doesn’t have a crystal ball. Already burdened by memories of her college roommate’s murder and her own troubled history she might have given a different answer than, “No.”

Come Up Churning and Keep Your Buckets High (Lottie Brent Boggan 2000)

Mad Dogs & Moonshine; Other Stories with a Taste of the South

Fireflies in Fruit Jars: More Stories with a Taste of the South

If you tried to write a story with a southern theme, what would fit the formula? Iced tea on the gallery; the passion for iced tea on the gallery; a hair-pulling hissy fit because there’s no lemon for the iced tea on the gallery? during the fight over the lemon, the tea is spilled on the afphan that great-great grandmother knit while shw waited for hubby and six sons to come home from the battle of Vicksburg where, by the grace of god,

We Carry Gold

That afternoon a call came from a social worker. A little black boy needed a foster home. He was eleven months old and had only half of his brain. He was spastic, quadriplegic, blind, couldn’t eat, had breathing problems and would probably die soon. As I stood there listening to her describe the poor child, I was thinking, “No, please, Lord, not another one so hard! Not so soon. Oh, Lord, I don’t want to…I don’t want to… We Carry Gold relates the journey of one family in the exploration of faith, disability, race relations, and many more social issues. Relive Carlene’s experiences as she and her family embark on the challenge of providing foster care to special needs children. Her memories provoke deep thought and introspection.

Autographed Books

King Satin’s Realm (Legend of Draconis Book 1) by Janet Taylor-Perry

Alone, confused, desperate, Aidan O’Rourke never dreams that talking to old Diggory Danaher will take him on an adventure of a lifetime. After months of stories about a mythical island and his father, Aidan decides to find out for himself if his father is alive and living as a panther on the enchanted island.


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Shocco Tales: Southern Fried Sagas and CD “Stories Under A Southern Shadetree” by Jim Ritchie

The book and the CD are both full of mirth, mischief and misguided monkey business.


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A Rented World by Merle Temple

Former Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Captain Michael Parker dodges death in a Ghostly Shade of Pale only to find that the organized crime figures who tried to kill him were amateurs compared to the political criminals he encounters in A Rented World. He confronts an unholy trinity of politics, crime and business, all singing the same secular hymn–“Everyone and everything is for sale.”


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Rocking Chair and Afternoon Tales: Stories and Poems of Mississippi

These 26 stories span the history of Mississippi, from the Civil War era through modern times. Each is set in Mississippi, bringing the unique flavor of local landmarks, dialects, and viewpoints in a blend of delightful voice. Most of the authors and poets are award winning, all with Mississippi roots and stories of our heritange.


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Bogue Chitto Flats by John Case

Bogue Chitto Flats is the frst book published by author John Case. In this collection of vibrant and heart-
warming short stories, John invites the reader into his tales of the people he knew and the stories he
heard while growing up in his hometown in rural Mississippi, where storytelling was an art and most
likely the main source of entertainment. These stories were formed as far back as grammar school and
began to prompt John’s literary interest as early as his college days.


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Clockwork by John M. Floyd

In his first two books, Rainbow’s End and Midnight, award-winning author John M. Floyd gave us a total of sixty short stories of mystery, suspense, and deception. In this collection of forty more tales, he once again uses his talent for classic storytelling and his love of plot twists to keep us guessing–and enthralled–until the very last word.


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Quest For The Indian Trade Gun by Robert M. Heath

This is a hand stitched paperback book printed on typing paper size. 270 pages. The subject gives details of the history of iron and steel production as it was done in the 1720 era for flintlock guns that were traded to the American Indians by mostly English and French traders along the early American frontier. The book is an attempt to merge some of the history of gun making with scientific methods that were used to unlock some of the secretes of how these guns were made.


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