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Wilted Magnolias (An April Chastain Ingrigue) (Volume 1)

Not having seen each other in sixteen years, sparks fly immediately when April Chastain misrepresents herself and returns to her hometown of Magnolia Blossom, Mississippi, to work for Russell Dalton, a man she has adored since childhood. They find themselves caught up in a web of romance, mystery, and danger.

Southern Porch Settin

Essie Sullivan de Long and Delia Jane Harwell Jarrett are best friends. They like to sit together on the porch at Essie’s house and drink coffee, while indulging in their homemade desserts. And they talk about everything. Their story, set in the present-day deep South, is of two women who have known each other since high school. They face their daily lives and the way they deal with their circumstances, their grown children, faded youth, health problems and life in general, is with their dry sense of humor. This, and a backbone of tempered steel is what allows them to get through the everyday aggravations of life in the “Gray Lane”.

Bend in the Ocean Kindle Edition

Kathleen Torres must change her life to save it. Despite her career accomplishments, the past ten years have become intolerable. She is despised and rejected for breaking a centuries-old tradition. Her peers are furious, even jealous, scheming to make certain she fails.Like a bend in the ocean, her troubles take absurdly unexpected turns when a tortured, vengeful man interrupts her quest to prove herself and jeopardizes her life and thousands more.

Autographed Books

King Satin’s Realm

Alone, confused, desperate, Aidan O’Rourke never dreams that talking to old Diggory Danaher will take him on an adventure of a lifetime. After months of stories about a mythical island and his father, Aidan decides to find out for himself if his father is alive and living as a panther on the enchanted island.


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The Fib: A Wordy Tale by Bill Wilson

All his life Bill has loved words, BIG WORDS, INTERESTING WORDS. He used them with his son when he was little, and now wants to share some with you. In his second book, “The Fib: A Wordy Tale”, Bill has created a tale which introduces small children to words and concepts you’ll be hard pressed to find in any other piece of children’s literature.


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Rainbow’s End by John M. Floyd

In this collection of short mystery / suspense fiction, Mississippi author John M. Floyd showcases the classic story-telling and surprise endings that have made him one of the most widely-published short story writers in the South. These thirty tales run the gamut from contemporary Tokyo to the Old West to the swamps of Georgia, and compelling characters fill their pages – a Texas oilman who makes a bizarre deal to avoid blackmail, a young boy who meets a legendary outlaw, a visitor sent from another world to dispense justice, a willing but terrified cop on the trail of a serial bomber.


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How To Make A Blacksmith’s Bellows

“How to Make a Blacksmith’s Bellows” (leather covered) This is a paper back booklet that has 26 pages. Precise dimensions with detailed instructions with many drawings are presented. If a person wants to make a bellows for use in a blacksmith shop, this is the booklet to get. It won’t disappoint since the author has written simple instructions applied with many drawings to illustrate how this is done. The language is classic Mississippian English as delivered from the deep South.


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Two Dead and Counting

Frederick Hernandez thought he had opened his eyes, but it was still pitch black. He tried to lift his arm, but he couldn t raise a single limb. He tried to speak, but nothing came out. Gradually, he realized he was moving. Here s your dead guy, a man announced as the moving sensation ceased. Stick him in the vault, another man said. I ve got two autopsies to finish before I can start that one. Terror ricocheted through Frederick s body like a high-voltage electrical shock, causing his heart to jolt and then to flatline.


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Chronosia by Glen Stripling

Admiral Raymond Kelly, journeys to the planet Chronosia. His mission–to investigate the death of Colonel Eli Holland, a Space Union scientist who was killed on the planet, while conducting a Top Secret experiment. For Kelly, the mission is great danger. His friend is murdered by violent killers who want to stop his mission. He meets the no-nonsense hellcat Tina Greene, granddaughter of a government agent. After she tries to kill him, she comes to his aid. But Kelly wonders how much he can trust her. Is she an idealist trying to stop a war or an agent setting up his death? Kelly is determined to learn the cause of Holland s death. Paperback


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In case you missed them

Billy Bass: The Five Waves Rocks

“Half the battle is awareness: it’s simply knowing.” – Lynn Barry Worthington Follow Billy, a smallmouth bass, as he explores his underwater world and meets many adventures along the way. This entertaining story helps educate children and adults alike in the importance of caring for our eco-system.

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