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NancyKay Sullivan Wessman writes, edits, and reads.

As a nationally known and respected public relations director, NancyKay helped create and lead organizations that attracted other public health communications experts and enabled them do their jobs better. She taught other public health workers how to think and speak strategically, especially via the mass media. She worked from inside her own state’s public health agency to “make public health public,” to assure citizens had access to information about public health issues and services. By example, she inspired other PR practitioners to set and achieve measurable objectives.

Now NancyKay writes books.

Her first book could become the go-to source for individuals who want and need to lose weight, for people who need information about obesity related to heart diseases, for families who need insight and inspiration to prevent early disability and death from heart disease.

NancyKay began her career at the weekly newspaper in her hometown and moved into medical public relations at University of Mississippi Medical Center before taking on public health communications and public relations.

As co-author with Dr. Gerald S. Berenson, internationally respected cardiologist, research scientist, and founder of the Bogalusa Heart Study, NancyKay focuses on fatness as one of the most important risk factors for heart disease.

You Can Fix The Fat From Childhood can help you sort through the lessons learned in the 40-year Bogalusa Heart Study, lessons previously presented only in five academic texts and more than 1,000 journal articles.


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