Susan Marquez is a freelance writer based in Madison, Mississippi. After a 20+ year career in advertising and marketing, she began a professional writing career in 2001, and she has written over 2000 articles which have been published in magazines, newspapers, business journals, trade publications. “I love to learn to meet new people and learn about new places and things, so I love this writing life of mine!” She is a member of several writing organizations and attends writing workshops throughout the South.


Susan also works with other writers as an editor. To date, she has edited seven books. Also an experienced blogger, Susan also she posted daily for 18 months to her daughter’s Caring Bridge site ( Currently Susan’s working on a creative nonfiction book about a life-changing event that happened to her daughter, Nicole, that affected her entire family. “It’s a look at the event from a mother’s point of view, and the lessons I’ve learned.” She and her husband, Larry, also have a son, Joseph, as well as a dog, Roxie, that seriously wants to talk. (For more information on Nicole, visit

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