Poetry can take you places, can make reality more beautiful and poetry can change lives. I write about those things which are true in my life. I write about love, history, grief, my faith, my past, my present, and God willing, my future. I write about all of the moments that make up my life. Mississippi is my home and the south has always given me a rich backdrop of history and culture from which I could write. History to me is a continuing learning event. Often, I write about those individuals and events in history that have enriched my life. My World Within Words is a collection of my poetry spanning various times in my life. In 2013, I celebrated my 48th year of life. My poetry encompasses the good times, as well as the bad times, of those 48 years. My mother died in 2011, very suddenly, and the grief that accompanied her death has really influenced my writing for the last two years. I was married in 2012 and the gracious love of matrimony has also greatly influenced my writing this past year. If my words can help one person, then I am a happy poet. Lisa D. McCraw Newell


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