Andy Oldham has lived in many different states as well as in Guyana, SA. He moved to Ridgeland, Mississippi after graduation from Anderson University in1980. He is where he belongs, right in the heart of Dixie.

Andy has written numerous inspirational editorials for the Northside Sun Newspaper over the last five years. He began writing his personal memoirs four years ago and has enjoyed reviving family memories and heirloom moments. The results of many of his memoirs can be found on his blog He will be giving a Writing Your Memoir workshop this weekend and will begin teaching memoir writing classes in September at the Ridgeland Library

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Andy was privileged to a host of Southern tales and began collecting them at an early age. He has always wanted to share these stories with others and has now done so in his debut novel, EVERLASTING CRONIES.

In EVERLASTING CRONIES you will enjoy a heart-warming, coming of age story about a trio of racially diverse boys who experience joy, loss, conflict, and redemption during the rural Louisiana summer of 1949. There is beauty, romance, and the racial animosity of the Deep South during that pivotal period. Ample local color, the ghost of the old mule jail, a snake dance, and a traditional Southern funeral, punctuate the drama that teaches the boys profitable life-lessons about faith, trust, loyalty and betrayal. This one unforgettable summer moves this threesome to the cusp of manhood and cements an enduring friendship.

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