About us

LOGOimgFounded by authors, The Magic Of Books has a single goalĀ – To help promote reading and literacy.


To that end we are looking for groups, educators, and programs that are successfully helping children or adults to read.


We want to highlight their great work and support them with grants and recognition for their efforts.

We hope you will consider joining us in our quest to promote and celebrate literacy.


Books-Food for the soul, exercise for the mind,

doors to imagination,

pathways to knowledge and freedom.

Books and reading are

the building blocks

of our future.

Whether they are printed on

soft supple paper or displayed

on a screen they give the reader

more than simply something to

pass the time.

Reading is the starting point

for learning.

Only an ignorant people

can be repressed, while through

the printed word great minds

can be inspired.

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